I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that everybody is afraid of something. Sometimes, there’s a legit basis for those fears; other times, there isn’t.  I’ve noticed that the latter is especially true with small children. Now, a lot of what B and J do doesn’t make a lot sense to me, anyway.  So, of course, some of the stuff that […]

The Michael Jackson Experience

Not too long ago, my kids discovered Michael Jackson. In typical fashion, once they discover something that they enjoy, they can’t get enough of it. Until, of course, they get bored, and quickly move on to something else.  Regardless, at this present time, B and J are constantly talking about MJ this and MJ that. However, if I can keep […]

Fear Factor

    For real, I’ve never really been afraid of a lot things.  Horses and heights come to mind, but I got over those fears.  More recently, though, one thing scared me more than anything else: Extended time on my own with both kids. What? I mean, my kids are my world,  I love spending time with them. Don’t get […]