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I’m not a writer or anything like that.  I’m a pretty average dude, with a 9-5 Monday to Friday office  job.  I was born in  Hamilton, Ontario. Eventually,  I got married to K, my awesome wife. Not long after, we had a son, B, and a couple of years later, a  daughter, J.  Years later,  we had another son, KJ. Wicked kids, no doubt. Love them to death.

Some people are born to be parents, but I’m not one of them.   I realized early on that, until you actually have kids, you have no idea what it’s like to have kids. There’s just so much that happens that I’ve been totally unprepared for, despite my attempted preparation.

I documented some of my early  parenting experiences and struggles on my Facebook page, to positive feedback, so it became an ongoing thing.  A couple of people mentioned that I was the only Facebook friend writing about the ‘bad’ stuff kids do, and not just the good, cutesy stuff. Keepin’ it real, as I used to say back in the day.  A bunch of others told me to start writing a blog, too, so this is it. Welcome to daddyrealness.com.

There’s nothing revelatory here, folks. There are probably millions of informative, witty blogs by more informative, witty dads than me.  I don’t have any good advice for you, either. I’m no parenting expert.  Truth be told, I’m probably the last parent that you’d want to go to for advice!

So what’s my deal, then? What’s the point of this blog? Man, I don’t know. For my amusement, I guess. And for something for the kids to read when they’re older.

I should mention some of the opportunities that have come my way, though, from this blog.  I’ve been able to work with lots of cool companies and cities, do interviews, appear on TV shows, win awards, and  read my one of posts at the renowned Dad 2.0 Summit. Go figure, eh!

Anyway, stuff happens, and I write about it sometimes.

Here are some of my experiences, take from them what you will.

So however you’ve come across this site, thanks for checking it out. Much appreciated, for real!








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