Old School Style

    I need to come clean about something. Not too long ago, our family was homeless. We were homeless for quite a few months, actually.     Wait. I need to come clean about that.  See, an opportunity came up which we thought was too good to pass up, to purchase a brand new house,  built from scratch. The catch […]

Fear Factor

    For real, I’ve never really been afraid of a lot things.  Horses and heights come to mind, but I got over those fears.  More recently, though, one thing scared me more than anything else: Extended time on my own with both kids. What? I mean, my kids are my world,  I love spending time with them. Don’t get […]

Da Shiznit

  B – ‘Can I wear underwear to bed?’ Me – ‘No. Sometimes you poop in your sleep. You need to wear a pullup.’ B – ‘No! I only poop in my sleep on Mondays, Fridays and Tuesdays!’ Me – ‘What about Saturdays and Sundays?’ B – ‘Yeah!’ Me – ‘And Wednesdays and Thursdays?’ B – ‘Yeah!’ Me – ‘So […]