How To Fight A Ticket Starring Mike

One important job of being a parent is setting a good example for your children. As such, I try to be a responsible, law-abiding citizen. Recently, though, I found myself caught up in some legal drama. Nothing serious, don’t worry. Let’s get into what went down, and maybe, if you find yourself in a similar situation,  fighting a ticket in […]

How To Get The Family Excited For Dinner

Yo yo. Dinnertime isn’t an easy time many nights in our house.  I was feeling the suggestions in this guest collaborative post, so I figured I’d run it. Enjoy!     Dinner time should be more than just a meal and a time to re-fuel, even if, at its very basic core, that’s exactly what it is! What dinner time […]

Mike Vs A Night In Orlando

  Alright, so Disney World, as mentioned, wasn’t exactly the most magical time for us. However, that wasn’t the only adventure in Orlando, Florida that I was looking forward to. B and I went to an Orlando Magic basketball game! How’d that go, you ask? Well…..     To back things up a bit, months ago, in our planning for […]

A Disney World Review

  To quote Jiminy Cricket, “when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true”. Well, after years of wishing, a dream of mine finally came true, one that the long time readers of this blog know about. My family went to Disney World! And now, you’re probably expecting this to be a whimsical, glowing Disney World review of the […]

A Guide to Squeezing Exercise into a Busy Life

  Photo: Pexels   What up, y’all. Today, I’m featuring a collaborative guest post by Sean Lynam.  Sean is a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer by profession, and a freelance writer by passion. Sean writes and shares his knowledge for a range of fitness publications and nutrition brands. Enjoy!   We all know that life can get really busy, making […]

Mike Vs Taylor Swift

  The other day, I found myself looking into flights to Vancouver. It’s not because we were planning on taking a vacation to Vancouver anytime soon. Taylor Swift had announced that she was adding a date in Vancouver in 2024, for her Eras Tour. I immediately registered with Ticketmaster for the opportunity to be selected for the opportunity to buy […]

Self-Care Tips For Busy Dads Who Need A Break

    Note: the following is a partnered post. I thought that it contained some good advice, so I figured I’d run with it on here. Enjoy, playas.       Being a dad is a challenging role to be in at times. There’s always someone who needs your attention or your help.  However, you can’t let your health and […]

3 Ways To Declutter As A Parent

image credit (The following is a partnered post.  As someone with a pretty cluttered house, there are some good tips here. I figured I’d run this post as it was submitted to me. Enjoy.) As a parent, it’s highly likely that at some point in your parenting journey, you will become overwhelmed by stuff! We all know what type of […]