That Time That I Won A Dance Off At A Mini Pop Kids Concert

That Time That I Won A Dance Off At A Mini Pop Kids Concert


I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love their screentime. K and I try to keep them busy, but, if left to their  own devices, B, J and KJ would, uh, prefer to be left on their own devices all of the time. That’s why I like when opportunities come up to actually experience life in person with the kids. For example, J, KJ and I were generously hooked up recently with tickets to check out the Mini Pop Kids Good Vibes Only Tour, in Hamilton!

Mini Pop Kids have been around since the 1980s, in various iterations. It’s a group of 9-14 year old kids who perform music. Mainly covers, and some original songs, too. Here in Canada, Mini Pop Kids are really popular. They’re the #1 music brand for kids in the country, with nationwide tours, and a significant online presence.

J and I have seen them in concert before, and it was a good time, so I had little doubt that their Good Vibes Only Tour show would be the same. But, as long time readers know….I’m pretty random. When I accepted our tickets from a Public Relations company, to the show in Hamilton, I had one question for them:

Could I be part of the Daddy Dance Off?


Now, I’m sure you have been to events or concerts, and, when there is a break in the action, some audience member/members get chosen, to participate in some contest. A guessing game on a big screen at a concert, or a shooting challenge at a basketball game, that type of thing.  In this case, at the last Mini Pop Kids show (and, similarly, Kidz Bop show we attended), they had a Daddy Dance Off. Dads were picked to come on stage and bust a move, and whoever got the most audience cheers won.

If you’re like me, you must have wondered how those people were selected. Turns out, in my case, all I had to do was ask, and I was told that I was in!

To be honest, however….I suck at dancing. I can do basic, Lean Back level moves fine. Anything more intricate than that is a sprawling mess. My fam knows this, too. That’s why, when I told them the big news, about the Dance Off, instead of being excited for me, I was met with incredulous looks of disgust from all of them.


This horse is making the same face that they all made.


My request for help in coming up with some winning dance moves also didn’t go well. I suggested the latest TikTok or Fortnite dances, and was immediately rebuffed by J and B. I believe ‘cringe’ was used numerous times by them. K said to not do any cartwheels, because of the injury risk, and that was the extent of her assistance.  KJ said that he would help me. His idea was for me to twerk, which he proudly (and unexpectedly skillfully) demonstrated.

I politely declined this idea.


With zero family support, I was on my own to come up with something. This meant spending an inordinate amount of time online,  looking into dances that I could pull off. This was a very short list, people, don’t get it twisted.


Pretty much what my list looked like.


The morning of the show, I cobbled a routine together that I practiced twice. In my head, it looked fly,  but no amount of practice was going to make it better, in real life.


First things first. I totally underestimated the popularity of Mini Pop Kids. While not a sellout of FirstOntario Concert Hall, there were way more people in attendance than I expected. I even recognized a star of a Canadian comedy series with his family, at the show. This all, of course,  made me nervous AF, and gave me cold feet about “performing” later.

The Mini Pop Kids, on the other hand, suffered no such nerves. They were all pretty polished performers. The songs that they did were all new-ish and recognizable.  Combine that with some charisma and youthful exuberance, and you have the recipe for an entertaining show!

During the first half of the show, the Mini Pop Kids pulled moms, seemingly chosen at random, from the audience for a Mommy Makeover contest. I didn’t know about this segment. My thought was that this replaced the Daddy Dance Off, so I was……relieved. I was off the hook, in terms of embarrassing myself. Yay!

Wait, no yay.

A few songs after intermission,  the Mini Pop Kids announced that it was time for the Daddy Dance Off, and they needed volunteers. A sweet grandmother in the seat beside me, who I had been chatting with, immediately started yelling and pointing at me,  saying that I should be picked.  I didn’t tell her about my pre-arrangement, so I slumped down in my seat, trying to avoid attention. The Mini Pop Kids then asked, on stage, where Mike was.


No ducking that personal call out.

I stood up, and was immediately led backstage by a staff member.

The Daddy Dance Off was myself and two other dads. We would each have a few seconds to show off our moves. The winner would then be decided by whoever the audience cheered loudest for.

After Dad 1 and Dad 2 did their thing, it was my turn to debut what I called The Bye Bye Bye Birdie:

Turns out, the Bye Bye Bye Birdie was a winner!


When I made my way back to my seat, KJ seemed pretty impressed with the performance.  I don’t think that J was impressed, but she did enjoy clowning me about it, anyway. A few songs later (including some Taylor Swift, which is probably the closest we will get to seeing Taylor Swift songs performed live this year #hertourissoexpensive), and the show was over. We got to meet the Mini Pop Kids backstage afterwards, where I congratulated them on their awesome show, and they congratulated me on my victory.


Big thanks to Mini Pop Kids for inviting us to their tour stop, and giving me the opportunity to get up on stage! If they’re in your town, be sure to check them out, for a good, clean, fun, family outing.

Before I wrap this up,  I should probably explain why I wanted to do this Dance Off. Firstly,  I thought that it was hilarious, and that it would be a funny experience with the kids, which they would remember. But secondly, B, J, and KJ, if you’re reading this, consider this yet another example of me turning some random idea into reality. If I can do it, y’all can do it. The only things holding your dreams back is you. Dadvice over. So is this post.

Until the next one, peace!



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