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Holiday Gift Idea – The DJI Global Mavic Mini!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Best Buy, but all thoughts expressed are my own, as always.


OK, so today we’re talking drones, and in particular, one that might be at the top of the photographer/tech toy fan in your life’s wish list, the DJI Global Mavic Mini! Let’s do this, FAQ-style!



Hold up. YOU’RE doing a post about a drone?






What do you even know about drones?

Well, I know that the Mavic Mini is small and lightweight, but it comes with many of the features of other quality drones.


How lightweight is it? If I sneeze, will it blow away like a tumbleweed?

249 grams, and no?


That’s a relief, because I’m allergic to tumbleweeds. List off some of the specs, now!

30-min Max. Flight Time


4 km HD Video Transmission


Vision Sensor + GPS Precise Hover


3-Axis Gimbal 2.7K Camera



explain the features, but do it in a way that makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

I do know what I’m talking about! Anyway, the Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos. It also has a 3-axis motorized gimbal, which provides great stability, and clear, smooth, vivid footage. When fully charged,  it can stay in the sky for up to 30 minutes, which is better than comparable drones. As well, the dedicated remote controller is easy to use, and it maintains an HD, low latency video feed of up to 4 KMs.  I should also mention that the DJI Fly app gives users integrated access to SkyPixel, a social media platform for users to share their aerial photos and videos.



What type of camera modes does the Mavic Mini have? Slow-motion establishing shots of  a city skyline at night, set to some groovy saxophone music are my thang.

That’s your thang? Regardless,  it has QuickShot modes, which include Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket. Just select your QuickShot, and the Mavic Mini will execute an elaborate preset motion while recording.  For narrow or complex spaces, there is the CineSmooth mode, which slows down the flight speed and movements, for extra precision and stability.

What else does it come with?

Accessories include:

Two-Way Charging Hub: The Two-Way Charging Hub can charge up to three batteries in sequence. Itcan also be used to store and transport batteries, and even as a power bank to charge your mobile device.

DIY Creative Kit: Make your FlyCam truly yours with this kit that includes shell stickers and colorful markers.

Charging Base: Show off your Mavic Mini while charging it with the convenient charging base.

DJI Mini Bag: Pack your Mavic Mini and Two-Way Charging Hub easily with this signature shoulder bag that’s perfect for everyday use.

Snap Adapter: Personalize your Mavic Mini with a wide range of compatible accessories when you use the Snap Adapter.

Propeller Holder : This lightweight propeller holder protects your FlyCam propellers from being damaged during transportation. It can also be used to fasten your Mavic Mini to your bag or belt.

Did you just cut and paste that from the Best Buy website?

Nope! See for yourself here.

Fine. Any other points, Mike?

Sure. The Mavic Mini looks it would please drone rookies and hardcore enthusiasts alike. I wouldn’t mind getting one, as I think that the kids and I would have a lot of fun using it!

Hold up. YOU want a drone?



And we’re done here. Later!



A Beginner’s Guide To Disney Doorables

Disclaimer: My good friends at Imports Dragon recently sent me a complimentary package of Disney Doorables, to review. All thoughts expressed are my own.


The holiday season is fast approaching! So, today, I’m going to tell you about some hot new toys that I think are going to be on many a wish list, Disney Doorables. Let’s go, FAQ-style!

You just made me spit out my pumpkin spice latte! It’s too early to be talking about Christmas. What’s wrong with you?

Uh, that wasn’t exactly the kind of question that I had in mind for this.

I don’t even know what Disney Doorables are. How can I frequently ask questions about something that I’ve never heard of?

I think that you’re missing the point here.

Fine. What the heck are Disney Doorables?

Basically, they are Disney’s entree into the mini collectibles and blind bag game.  Think Shopkins, but on a Disney tip, with a door theme.

what are disney doorables

A door theme?

Yeah. The motto is “behind every door, a surprise is in store!”  Basically, the packaging that they come in is a blind box, with an opening that looks like a door. Cracking them open reveals which character (or characters) you got.  The element of surprise is what makes it fun!

So what does Disney have to do with them?

Each character is from a Disney property of some sort, which so far includes: Mickey and Friends, Tangled, Lilo and Stitch, Moana, Beauty And The Beast, Zootopia, Peter Pan, Frozen, Monsters, Inc, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Winnie The Pooh.

Go on.

Uhh.  So we’re talking lots of iconic and memorable characters. Ya dig?  Besides being tiny, what sets them apart from other mini collectibles are their sparkling, glittery eyes. For real, they’re pretty cute. Adoorable even. Haha. You won’t be able to handle them. Hoho. Your kids won’t be board playing with them. Hehe.

what are disney doorables


If you keep making terrible door puns, I’m going to pun-ch you.

Whoa sorry. I’l knock it off. Let’s move on.

That’s better. So how many Disney Doorables are there?

As of this writing, about 80. Like all things collectible, they vary in availability. According to the check list, they are categorized as common, rare, ultra rare, special edition, and limited edition.









Did you say limited edition? That sounds valuable. You’re hoarding a fortune’s worth, aren’t you? Pass ’em over, Mikey boy!

In the shipment that I got from Imports Dragon, I didn’t get any limited edition figures.  I’m not sure how valuable they are yet, either.

What ages are these things for? Can I leave them with my baby in their crib and walk away?

Nope. Despite being cute and shiny-eyed, they are really small. Like an inch high, that small.  Manufacturer recommended for children 5+.

That’s good, because I don’t have a baby?

Then why did you ask –

Are there just the figurines available? Or is there more stuff?

  Actually, there is more stuff. Each group of Disney properties also has an appropriately themed mini playset, available seperately. An island for Moana, the Beast’s chateau from Beauty And The Beast, a closet from the factory scare floor in Monsters, Inc, etc. The playsets come with Doorables and little accessories, too. The cool thing is that they are connectible and stackable, so you can mix them to make your own little Disney universe.


Can my kids connect them with other toys? Like Thomas The Train tracks, or a Breaking Bad lab playset?

Um, no to both, especially the second one. Stick to connecting the Disney Doorables sets only.

Got it. Disney. Hey, isn’t The View owned by Disney? When will we see a Whoopi Goldberg Doorable?

I’m guessing….never?

Well, if they do, shut up and take my money! I’ll buy them all. Speaking of which, where can I buy Disney Doorables?

Keep an eye out for them in the coming months at a retailer near you. Maybe they are already there. Otherwise, the usual suspects online, like Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us (Canada), and Target all seem to be carrying them, presently.

Thanks for the information, but I kinda don’t trust you or your opinion.

For what it’s worth, my daughter, who really likes Shopkins, really likes these. Does that help?

I guess so. Anything else?

Nah, that’s all that I got. Happy Holiday shopping!

I hate you.







Hot Holiday Toys From Jakks Pacific!

Wassup! By now, you’re probably basking in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals afterglow. I hope your shopping was a success! If you’re like me, though, you probably still have some work to do, presents-wise. Luckily, when it comes to kids, my good friends at Jakks Pacific toys have got it covered, for boys and girls of all ages. Here are some of their hottest toys for the holiday season!


Real Workin’ Buddies: Mr. Dusty

If your kids are like my kids (slobs), then this truck is right up your alley. Recently named as a Walmart Top Rated By Kids toy for 2017,  Mr. Dusty is a garbage truck/street sweeper/dump truck which makes cleaning up fun. Eat, sweep, dump, repeat. It has a motorized mouth, which can pick up small toys (ie. Legos), on both hardwood and carpeted floors. Even if your kids are tidy, they can still have fun with Mr. Dusty by putting random stuff on the floor and seeing if he can eat it up!

Pull My Finger

If you or your child is not a fan of potty humour or flatulence, then skip this one. If you are, then this game is the shiznit! The objective basically is to pull a monkey’s finger, and not make it fart. What’s not to like?


BIG-FIGS 20″ Figures – Justice League

And Star Wars: The Last Jedi








Big, blockbuster movies deserve big, blockbuster toys. Typical action figures are, what? 4″ or 5″ tall? BIG-FIGS come in at around 18″-20″.  The detailing is really impressive, and some of the characters come with soft fabric capes and/or removable accessories.


Power Rippers


Power Rippers 2 in 1 Competition Set

Power Rippers are “a fusion of Vehicles, Battle Tops and Action Figures.” Basically, they’re collectable balls (each with their own names and skills) that open up, into vehicles. Using the rip cord, you can race, battle and do all kinds of cool stunts with them (no batteries required).  I personally am easily amused, so I was entertained just pulling the cord, and watching them spin round and round.

For those not so easily amused,  The Power Rippers 2 In 1 Competition Set will do the trick. It’s a track set and battle arena, and includes two loops, which can be configured in one long strip, or side by side, for racing. One neat thing is that it comes in a carrying case, which doubles as the arena and a base for the racing track, so cleaning up is easy. No Mr. Dusty required.

Happy shopping!


Note: While I was compensated for this post, the thoughts expressed are 100% mine.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids!

Note: While I was compensated for this post by Imports Dragon, the opinions expressed are mine, as always.

Every year in our household, Santa Claus covers off the main presents, no problem, but he slacks off on the stockings. In fact, typically, he scrambles last minute to fill them, and pretty much just hopes that the kids won’t go ‘WTF’ when they empty them. This year will be different, though. My, err I mean, Santa’s good friends at Imports Dragon got it covered. As a distributor and manufacturer of numerous brands of toys, they offer a wide variety of products to satisfy kids of all ages. Available online, or in stores nationwide, here are some that I think make great stocking stuffers for my kids (and hopefully the children in your lives, too!):


Shopkins Cutie Cars, Single Packs or 3 Packs

I’ve mentioned before that Shopkins are big in our house. Cutie Cars are a natural extention of those. Cute little collectible cars that you can put mini Shopkins in, and take for a cruise!

NHL Figures, Various Sizes

Speaking of collectibles, these high quality, licensed NHL figures, available in various sizes, are a sure shot to please any hockey fan’s stocking.

Pikmi Pops Single Packs

Pikmi Pops are toy lollipops with an element of fun surprise inside. If your kid loves making videos of them unboxing stuff, they’ll especially love these.


Another cool collectible. Ooshies are tiny, squishy figurines of licensed characters, like DC, Marvel and Disney Princesses. They also double as pencil toppers, ensuring your child will have the most lit writing utensil in the whole school, fam.

Peg + Cat Plush Toys. Peg + Cat Memory Card Game

Peg + Cat is a popular children’s TV show, so fans of that show will really appreciate the plush toy, and the themed memory card game!



More surprise toys! Except instead of just one mystery inside a pack, there’s two – a cute little baby and a pet. The fun is in collecting them, and mismatching the duos.

Happy Places Shopkins Packs

Here’s another one from the Shopkins universe. Happy Places are collectible, miniature decor toys.

Drawmaster Drawing Kit

Drawmaster is exactly what it says it is. A drawing kit that helps you draw the perfect piece every time. Sweet!

Review – Etch A Sketch Freestyle And More

I don’t know about you, but with the holiday season now upon us, I’m realizing that I need to step up my toy game. There’s just so many options out there.  Shoot, even some stuff that I used to play with when I was a young boy is still around, but modernized! Take the Etch A Sketch, for example, and its many variations, like the Etch A Sketch Freestyle.

Ahh, the good old, venerable Etch A Sketch. Many an hour was spent back in the day by me, painstakingly twisting the knobs to move the black lines and create da Vinci-esque masterpieces……only for my little sister to come along later, give the toy a shake and erase my work.

Oh this? Yeah, this is just a lil something something that I doodled. Portrait of KJ and I. What? Well I was there when it happened anyway. Is that good enough?

Anyway, scarred childhood memories aside, the Etch a Sketch is definitely iconic, and a surefire Toy Hall OF Famer. So you can imagine my reaction when I find out that they have the Puff Daddy remix treatment! Or, more specifically, Spin Master acquired the brand last year and introduced a couple of cool new innovations on it.

First up is the Etch a Sketch Joystick. Basically, the two dials have been replaced with a joystick that swivels 360 degrees, which is perfect for younger kids. It’s way easier to make circles and loops and whatnot. You still just shake it to erase it, no mess.  Not gonna lie, though, the whole joystick thing was a bit of a shock for an old school cat like yours truly. I may have busted out a “when I was your age, our Etch A Sketches just had knobs” story, to B and J. I may have also then went outside, grabbed my hose, and told the neighbourhood whippersnappers to get off of my lawn.

Here’s an artists’ rendition of a whippersnapper.

Next up is the Etch A Sketch Freestyle. This bad boy is even more modernized. On this drawing pad, you can use a stylus to doodle. It also has a black magic screen this time, and the lines you draw are multiple colors. As well, it comes with double sided stamps, so you can add in hearts, clouds, stars and circles. J’s the little artist in the house, so she really enjoys playing around on this one.

Like its fellow Etch A Sketches, you still just shake it, to erase it (B and J admittedly had trouble with this, initially. It’s a bit trickier than the traditional ones, but they did get the hang of it eventually). I did find the design of it to be cool. It’s very light, and slick-looking.

Finally (and this was new to me, anyway) is the Travel Etch A Sketch. It’s a smaller version of the classic edition, same magic screen and all. However, I just toss it in the back of my car, and it’s something for the kids to entertain themseleves with, when I’m driving them around. So basically, while they doodle, it gives me a few minutes off before they remember to ask “are we there yet?”. But hey, when you’re parent, you take what you can get, right?

As far as gifts for kids goes, you really can’t go wrong with any of these Etch A Sketches. Hopefully, you’re feelin’ sketchy this holiday season!


Disclaimer: While I received compensation for this post, the opinions expressed were, as always, 100% mine.