Top 8 WWE Live Moments!

  With Austin 3:16 Day (a non-real holiday on March 16th, named after Stone Cold Steve Austin) right around the corner, World Wrestling Entertainment’s Road To Wrestlemania Tour comes to Toronto this Friday, March 8, and thanks to my friends at the WWE, my family will be attendance for the show! It should be a great way to kick off […]

Giveaway – Marvel Universe LIVE!

  A few months ago, I was out and about, when I saw a poster saying that Marvel Universe LIVE! was coming to Hamilton.  Not even knowing that this tour existed, my initial reaction was ‘That can’t be real!’ Oh, it’s real, though. It’s so real. Canadian Marvel fans, assemble! Here’s a summary of this original live action arena experience, […]

Review – WWE Live!

  As I’ve noted before on this site, my son is a big fan of World Wrestling Entertainment.  On May 2, the WWE Live tour came to Hamilton, and, courtesy of two tickets from the WWE, we were able to attend the event! In the weeks leading up to the show, to say that B was excited was an understatement. […]