Review: Shinesty Christmas Suits!

Review: Shinesty Christmas Suits!

(Disclaimer: I received product/compensation from Shinesty in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed are my own).


One of my favorite things about this time of the year is the overabundance of holiday shirts. No, really. Seeing all y’all out and about with your ironic and unironic ugly Christmas sweaters puts a big smile on my face. I even have an ever-evolving collection of festive shirts.

With that said, when Shinesty offered to hook me up with a Christmas suit, how could I say no? Of course I wanted to level up my holiday apparel!


Now, Shinesty’s mission, according to them, is to bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen.  Accordingly, their website is full of wacky and hilariously designed items.

Shinesty’s Christmas suits, though, are next level! The suit that I received is called The Peppermint Pimp Canes. Now, appearance-wise, the candy cane print on light blue is pretty sick. It’s winter, but the drip on this thing is ice cold, as the kids would probably say. I liked that it could almost be worn all year round. For example, if I went to a candy factory in the summer, I could totally get away with rocking this!

Made 100% of polyester, the blazer is a slim fit,  so I requested a bigger size than I normally wear.  I was able to move around in it without feeling like I was going to burst out, Incredible Hulk-style, when buttoned up.   I was expecting it to be more novelty, than functional, but, like most blazers, it had a nice variety of external and internal pockets.



In terms of the pants, full disclosure, I received the wrong size. They fit in the waist OK, but were way too long, and needed to be hemmed.  While wearing them around the house rolled up, they felt comfortable enough, however. Comfortable enough to make a TikTok, anyway, which is clearly very important.

Overall,  Shinesty’s Christmas suit was not only eye-catching, but unexpectedly comfortable and functional, as well.  It’s definitely a nice addition to my Christmas rotation, and would be to yours, too.

Shinesty Christmas suit


Until the next one, peace!

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