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How To Get The Family Excited For Dinner

How To Get The Family Excited For Dinner

Yo yo. Dinnertime isn’t an easy time many nights in our house.  I was feeling the suggestions in this guest collaborative post, so I figured I’d run it. Enjoy!



Dinner time should be more than just a meal and a time to re-fuel, even if, at its very basic core, that’s exactly what it is! What dinner time should be is the chance for families to get together, talk about their day, and even bond a little more. After all, when everyone’s so busy, and especially when the children start to get older and have their own hobbies and activities to do, this might be the one time during the day when you’re able to see everyone and really talk to them.


However, getting everyone excited about dinner so they want to come and sit together and have a nice time while they’re doing it isn’t always easy, even if it’s important. It can be a big challenge, but it’s an important one to get past, and with that in mind, here are some ideas to try out.

Plan Interactive Meals 

One great way to get the family excited for dinner is to involve them in the meal planning (and even meal making) process – in other words, instead of just telling everyone what they’re having for dinner, you can have a weekly meeting where everyone gets to choose something, and everyone gets a say. 


Because there might be a lot of ideas, and because they might not all be all that healthy, it’s wise to have a rotating schedule, where each family member gets to pick a meal for the week, for example. There are actually all kinds of ways to put this idea into practice, so you can work out a way that’s right for you, and perhaps experiment with the different options until you’re happy with the results. 

Get Creative With Themes

Another thing you can do to make dinnertime more fun and get everyone excited to be a part of it is to have themed dinners or even themed weeks. You could have Taco Tuesday (which is very popular and it’s a fun meal to include as well), a specific pizza night where you can try different types of pizza, like opting for flatbread pizza for dinner this week, breakfast for dinner (depending on the food, of course!), and so much more. 


The fact is that when there’s a theme, everything becomes a lot more fun, especially when you incorporate costumes, decorations, or music, for example. You can go as far as you want, and it’s all worth it if it makes your family excited to get together for dinner (and it might even help them try new flavors, which is a great thing in itself). 

Make A Welcoming Atmosphere 

Even if the food is great and there are delicious (potentially new) things to eat, if the atmosphere isn’t a positive or enjoyable one, your family just aren’t going to be all that happy when dinnertime rolls around – they’ll try to get done as quickly as possible so they can get away, and they probably won’t want to contribute to any conversations either. 


That’s why it’s a good idea to take an objective look at your dining area and think about how to make it a more welcoming space. Quite often, it’s the lighting that can make places welcoming (or not), so that’s a good place to start – you could have comfortable, dim lighting or even candles, for example. And you could have music playing, add some fresh flowers to the table, and generally make the room feel like somewhere people will want to be. It might not seem like much, but it can be what makes your family want to spend time there. 



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