Giveaway – Kellogg’s Vector Prize Pack!

How’s your summer going?

I don’t know about you, but my family has been pretty active. We all enjoy being outdoors and partaking in various activities.  A nice, cold breakfast really helps, in starting the day off right. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when this package of awesomeness showed up at the house recently, courtesy of my good friends at Kellogg’s:

J beat me to it.
J beat me to it.

To help fuel (and fill) busy families like mine, Kellogg’s recently launched a new product – Vector Granola Honey Almond Flavour! Per serving, you’re looking at 20g of protein, 5g of fibre, and 10 vitamins and minerals.  I’ve tried them with milk and yogurt. Very tasty, you can’t go wrong either way! Plus it comes in a resealable package, which is handy when you’re camping, or hiking, or you get hungry while driving around aimlessly, windows down, volume turned up, rapping along to “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (that last one is probably just me).

Now, I’d like to hook you up, like I got hooked up. Enter below, for your chance to win the Vector  Pack that I received (so….much….tastiness)!

Vector Prize Pack (1)


DATES –  Giveaway closes at 11:59PM on August  15th, 2015

ELIGIBILITY – Open to all residents of Canada, except for Quebec.

TO ENTER –  Use the form below to complete the mandatory and optional entries, for your chance to win.


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