Cool And Unique Gifts For Kids!

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Cool & Unique Gifts For Kids

Giving something to someone we love provides satisfaction both for us and the person to whom we give presents. A gift may prove a lot of things – love, respect, affection, tenderness, etc. It’s not just a matter of buying a gift. Anyone can do that. The secret is that we listen to someone we love, to find out what they want and feel, what they rejoice over. Most people will say that they look forward to purchasing gifts much more than receiving one. However, buying a gift for children is the real magic with coming holidays or birthdays. They are happy with toys, coloring books, books, pencils, bags, clothes, sweets and the like. But, if you want to do something special and move away from usual gifts, there are always some cool and unique gifts that will make the children smile and remember how thrilled they were for a long time.

Tickets for events

If a child loves going to the movies, why not give him/her tickets to go see his/her favorite movie? You can also give tickets to a game of their favorite sport. Going to the stadium to watch a live game can be a fun group experience if kids are old enough. You can also check for concerts that a child likes, and give tickets as gift.




The best thing about this gift is the thrill of receiving something new every month. You can find a number of educational children’s magazines or fun kits to inspire children learn about the world around them. The latter allows you to choose by age (3-12 years) and teach children about animals, music, other countries, etc. – basically, whatever their interest is.




If your children are passionate about music, or sports, this is your chance to surprise them. Find something available near your residential area that interests your kids, whether it’s playing music, dancing, or playing sports. It is recommended to enroll them for a short period of time to test if it’s something they are truly passionate about, and if not, they can seek alternatives.


Board games

Computers have taken over our children, and they can now access any board game electronically. But perhaps they have never been exposed to a board game at home. Find games that are educational or that can help with motor skills. Some games that are fun to try include Scrabble, to practice vocabulary, Jenga, Monopoly or even a puzzle. And best of all, seek a way to schedule time and play as a family.


Tools for outdoor activities

You can give a fishing rod, or a gardening kit as a present. The fishing rod requires an adult to take the time to teach the kids ​​how to use it, and in turn it ‘forces’ the adults to get off the couch and spend time together with children. For more fun there is also very cool gadget called Rocket fishing rod. A gardening kit will allow your kids to learn how to plant seeds and take care of plants.


Interesting toys

Toy train is a toy which everyone had when they were little. It will always be trendy and children still love it. Playing with trains and railways will keep the children occupied for quite some time. Drawing boards are a great gift for little artists. There are many kinds of boards, but those with automatic eraser like Boogie boards are especially fun for children. Playable art balls in beautiful colors are a great gift for children, too. They will have fun and at the same time learn about science. Kids love to build collections, and fantastic unique toys that can be purchased are simple pop vinyl figures also called bobbleheads. Children can learn useful things while collecting toys – neatness, meticulousness, organization, etc. It is important to see whether the children are mature enough to start collecting toys, whether they are able to appreciate them. Of course, it would be great if it became a family tradition, or if the child continued to collect toys that you already gathered in childhood.


Personalized books

These are the books for children in which the little reader, or the owner of the book, is the main hero of the story. In the stories, with the real names, your little one can travel to distant planets and hang out with fairies, wizards, pirates, etc. This is a gift that would later prove to be a real keepsake.


Do not forget that ultimately all is well except the child that is sitting on the bench, watching the other kids play with or without rules. The worst thing is when a child is not even on the bench, but at home, away from peers, fresh air, sunshine, joy and rosy cheeks. Moreover, outdoors is good for you, too, especially if you are one of the participants in the game.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate in writing. She is contributor on High Style Life and her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live”. Find her on Facebook.

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