We The North, He The Mouth

  This post goes out to hoopsheads everywhere, and their little hoopsheads! We The North, baby! Now, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a basketball fan. I  was never much of a player, but I sure could watch a mean game of ball. Anyway, since my kids were little, I’ve been looking forward to the day when […]

The Generation Gap Between Parents And Child

As a thirty-something year old dude, I’m still fairly young.  On occasion, however, thirty-something can feel like one hundred-something. Like it or not, a generation gap getween parents and child is evident. You see, it’s easy to forget that some things which are common to me, are completely foreign to my kids.  I’m sure we all remember our parents telling […]

Six Pieces Of The Best Advice For New Parents

From time to time, I am asked by friends who are either expecting or already have little children, for parenting tips. The best advice for new parents that I have, for example.  And to be honest, I struggle for answers when  these questions come up. I think that I’m doing the best that I can, as a dad.  I definitely […]

Like A Kid In A Grocery Store

With 2015 coming to an end, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the year that was. And with all of the reflecting, I came to an unexpected realization…… Shopping with children kind of sucks sometimes. Back in the day, pre-kids, there wasn’t much to it. If I had to make a trip to a store, I could do […]

Things Strangers Say To Parents With Small Kids That Make For Awkward Conversations

I’ve noticed that, when it comes to conversations, babies and children are great ice breakers. However, this also creates opportunities for awkward conversations. If I’m out and about with my kids,  I am regularly approached by people I don’t know who want to talk about them, or to them.  It’s pretty cool most of the time. Typically, there’s just some […]


Being the parent of small kids definitely has its perks on occasion. Take presents for example. B and J frequently come up to me and give me little gifts. Sometimes it’s stuff they’ve made, like cards or pictures. Sometimes it’s stuff they’ve found, like leaves, dandelions flowers or stones. For example, the other day, J gave me a shiny red […]

Cool And Unique Gifts For Kids!

Now normally, my posts providing helpful tips and advice………. aren’t exactly very helpful. So let’s shake things up a bit! Check out this article from guest contributor Tracey Clayton. She offers up her expertise on a subject which we probably have all struggled with at some point in our lives. Enjoy! Cool & Unique Gifts For Kids Giving something to someone […]

The Best Day EVER!

  Small children are prone to hyperbole.  The tiniest things become the biggest deals in their minds.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard not to take their exaggerations seriously. A couple of weeks ago, for example, I got my Ferris Bueller on, and took a day off, to chill with J.  My basic gameplan was to just go with the flow. So […]

Ten 90s Inspired Interesting Baby Names

One thing I’ve noticed about parenthood is that even the simplest decisions are occasionally very difficult. Take naming your kids, for example. Interesting baby names are so plentiful that narrowing them down is a crazy hard. Back when I was younger, and I was tasked with naming our pets, I would pretty much spend the amount of time that you […]


I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that everybody is afraid of something. Sometimes, there’s a legit basis for those fears; other times, there isn’t.  I’ve noticed that the latter is especially true with small children. Now, a lot of what B and J do doesn’t make a lot sense to me, anyway.  So, of course, some of the stuff that […]