What Do You Mean?

    With my kids,  I’m realizing that you really can’t communicate enough! Ever since B and J have been born, I’ve always forgone the baby talk, and instead spoken to them in the same way that I would to you. Now granted, this has resulted in many a blank stare when I’ve done things like try to explain why Kanye […]

Why My Son Is Awesome (Stories For Dads)

Yo, don’t judge a post by its title! This isn’t a ‘Buzzfeed’-style deal, where I do something like list off 10 reasons why my children are so terrific.  This is one of the nicest stories for dads (and moms) that you’ll read today. You see, one of my kids, B , really is awesome.  He is. Lemme give you the […]

I Robot

    It was a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, with just me and the kids. B and J were quietly playing together.  Even better, the NFL playoffs were on TV. It was looking like I would be able to watch a football game in peace! So, of course, B uttered these words: “Hey daddy! Can you make me a […]

Role Model

  Try as you might, you can’t force role models onto your children. No doubt, you can expose them to different individuals, and even exude model behavior yourself. However, if they ain’t feelin’ it, then they ain’t feelin’ it. You can point them in a direction, but it’s all up to them whether they look that way or not. I […]

Thank Me Later

Back in the day, my Mom would always complain about how ungrateful me and my sisters were. I was a good lil dude, though! Always polite and well-mannered, yo. Or….. I think I was, anyway. It was a long time ago, I don’t really remember. Regardless, now that I have kids, I get what my mom was talking about.  As […]

A League Of Their Own

Small kids need to be kept active and engaged. This is especially true when they enter toddlerhood. So, as soon as we were able to, we signed B up for as many sports and sport classes as we could. We’ll do the same for J. Gotta get their participaction on, yo! The first team sport that we signed B up […]

Ill Communication

At what point is a situation considered an emergency? Seems simple enough, right? You get the sniffles, you probably don’t need to seek medical assistance. Your buddy shoots you in the groin with a potato gun from a close distance, you probably want to go get your groin checked out after. As adults, we know enough about ourselves that when […]

Da Shiznit

  B – ‘Can I wear underwear to bed?’ Me – ‘No. Sometimes you poop in your sleep. You need to wear a pullup.’ B – ‘No! I only poop in my sleep on Mondays, Fridays and Tuesdays!’ Me – ‘What about Saturdays and Sundays?’ B – ‘Yeah!’ Me – ‘And Wednesdays and Thursdays?’ B – ‘Yeah!’ Me – ‘So […]

It’s The Thought That Counts

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an expert on parenting by any means. And as you’ve probably noticed, this isn’t one of those blogs where the writer gives you all kinds of tips, suggestions and examples of how to be a great parent with perfect kids. With that being said, I do consider myself to be very fortunate. […]