Month: March 2016

Review – LEGOLAND (Vaughan Mills)

I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to do with the family. The more fun, the better. So, when my good friends at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre offered us tickets to come check out their Vaughan Mills location, you know that we jumped at the opportunity to go, faster than you could say “Everything is awesome”!

If you’ve never been before, LEGOLAND is a spacious 34,000 square foot playground full of rides and attractions, dedicated to all things Lego.  A land of Lego, indeed!

After you are admitted entry, you are soon given the opportunity to take part in an interactive, hands-on “factory tour”, where you learn about how the bricks are made. Your kids will probably enjoy hearing about the process. My kids enjoyed running off and playing on the stations.


Next up for us was the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. We sat in A “chariot”, and rolled through the dark, using laser zappers to shoot at various dangers.  Points were awarded for hitting the targets.  This part was probably better suited for older kids, as B and J struggled with the zappers. They still liked the ride and the thrilling action, though.


J and I on Kingdom Quest. Did I mention it was really dark?

We then made our way to MINILAND, which featured replicas of many Toronto landmarks, made entirely of Lego! This was easily my favourite attraction.


After MINILAND, it was off to the theatre, to check out The Lego Movie 4D A New Adventure. Now, if you enjoyed the Lego Movie like I did, then you’ll like this short film, too. It has many of the same characters, and a pretty clever storyline. I found myself loudly chuckling at some of the dialogue (much to the dismay of the children around me). Y’all been warned, though – you may get wet. 4D ain’t no joke!


Ok, kids! Smile for the camera! Or make weird signs with your hands, Your choice.

We then made our way over to the Merlin’s Apprentice carousel ride.


Don’t let J’s smile fool you in that picture. She was legit ticked that, despite me peddling furiously, K and J still flew higher in the sky than we did!

With the rides checked off, K and I let the kids explore the facility at their leisure. B and J spent a long time together in the Lego Fire Academy, which is a play and climb area. They then split off and did their own things. B loved the Racers Build and Test zone. He used Legos to build a vehicle, and then tried it out on the tracks, against the creations of the other children there.





Some of these kids’ cars were not well-designed, like the one girl’s car that had a single wheel. Conversely, one car was engineered so supremely that I  wanted to ask the boy if Elon Musk was his father.

J played in this zone for a bit, too, but she spent most of her time in Duplo Village, or as she mistakenly called it, Suplex City (sorry, Brock Lesnar!) and in Lego Friends.



They spent so much time playing in these areas that we didn’t even see a bunch of the other attractions, like the Star Wars display, or the cafe, or the Earthquake tables. The only other part which I saw them visit was the “Partied So Hard That I Need To Pass Out On This Bench” attraction:





Just kidding. This wasn’t a real attraction.

We spent two hours there, and could have easily stayed longer You know a place is a success when your kids don’t want to leave, and B and J did not want to go when we wanted to. In case you were wondering, there is a Lego shop connected to LEGOLAND. It’s a great place to grab some parting gifts, or to act as a bribery tactic if your kids don’t want to leave.

One other observation – we went on a holiday, and it was really busy, especially the lineup to get in. I would suggest buying tickets online beforehand, to save time and money.

Overall, we all really enjoyed LEGOALAND.  It compares very favourably to other local family-friendly destinations. I definitely recommend checking it out, if you’re planning a day trip with the kids!



Giveaway – Monster Jam Hamilton Tickets!

GraveDigger in action!


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

One of the highlights each year in our household is when the Monster Jam Tour makes its way to Hamilton. I’ve been a fan of monster trucks since I was a kid.  Back in the day, many an hour was spent by me having a smashing good time using my toy trucks to re-enact the derbies that I saw on TV, Conversely, many a frustrating hour was also spent by me unsuccessfully trying to beat the Bigfoot game on my old Nintendo.


Seriously. It was a hard game.


Nowadays, B has taken a liking to them, too. He looks forward to when the tour comes to town. It’s been pretty cool, watching him enjoy the shows with the same awe and amazement that I used to have!

If you’ve never been before, it really is awesome. Giant, twelve foot tall, ten thousand pound trucks racing (or leaping!) through a track loaded with obstacles. It’s quite the spectacle. And the best part is it’s very family friendly. The audience is full of boys and girls of all ages, cheering on their favorites.

This year, Monster Jam rolls into Hamilton on April 23 and 24. My good friends there have generously hooked me up with tickets for my fam, so I’ll be in attendance.

However, I’d like to hook you up, too. Enter below for a chance to win a family pack of four tickets to the April 23rd show. Good luck, and don’t forgot to bring ear plugs (No, for real, don’t forget them. It gets loud!)


DATES –  Giveaway closes at 11:59PM on April 11 2016.

ELIGIBILITY – Open to all residents of Canada,  18+, except for Quebec.

TO ENTER –  Use the form below to complete the mandatory and optional entries, for your chance to win.



Tickets can also be purchased here.