Ten 90s Inspired Interesting Baby Names

One thing I’ve noticed about parenthood is that even the simplest decisions are occasionally very difficult. Take naming your kids, for example. Interesting baby names are so plentiful that narrowing them down is a crazy hard. Back when I was younger, and I was tasked with naming our pets, I would pretty much spend the amount of time that you […]

Giveaway – Marvel Universe LIVE!

  A few months ago, I was out and about, when I saw a poster saying that Marvel Universe LIVE! was coming to Hamilton.  Not even knowing that this tour existed, my initial reaction was ‘That can’t be real!’ Oh, it’s real, though. It’s so real. Canadian Marvel fans, assemble! Here’s a summary of this original live action arena experience, […]

Bird Kingdom!

One of my family’s favourite places to visit is Niagara Falls. It’s only an hour from us, so we hit it up a few times a year. There’s just so much to do , that it is always a great way to get out and entertain the kids. Recently, we visited an attraction which we had never been to before […]