Month: May 2015

Unaffiliated Product Review – LG G3 Smartphone!



When I was in the market for a new cell phone a while ago, I did a lot of research. My last phone was OK, but I realized later that I had much better options available. I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.  After much thought, I finally settled on an LG G3 Smartphone. 

Now, without getting into all the specs and stuff, the phone is pretty sweet. There is one thing, though, that I neglected to look into, among all of my research – what happens if your small children get a hold of the phone? I don’t know about you, but my kids are always fiddling with various electronic devices, usually to negative results ( ie. Hmm. That’s weird. I thought I taped Better Call Saul last night. Where’d it go? And why did someone record two minutes of an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?).   Here’s what you’re probably wondering, then: just how “kid-proof” and ‘”parent-friendly” is the LG G3?

Excellent question, you brilliant reader. I’ll try to answer.




B does this thing, where he’ll steal my phone, and take off with it, which causes me to chase after him. When I catch up to him, he panics and drops it. Haha. Hoho #Boyswillbeboys. So far, my LG G3 has survived numerous drops on carpeted and tile floors, without a dent.

Taking Good Selfies is Easy

B and J are fans of the selfie, both in taking them, as well as looking at them.  The LG G3 has this feature where if you hold your hand out in front of the screen and then make a fist, it sets off a timer. This allows you a few seconds to adjust the camera and get into your pose, prior to the shot being snapped. Once I got the hang of it, taking the perfect selfie couldn’t be easier. It even works with two hyperactive kids. Check it out!


That’s not a a very good picture.


Bad example. Alrighty, here we go!


This one’s even worse! None of you are ready for the shot.

Never mind. Let’s just move on.

I Can Lock My Kids Out Of It

I’ve lost track of the number of times that K has come to me, complaining that B or J got into her phone, and deleted a bunch of stuff. The problem is the security feature. It is just a password, which B and J, against all statistical probability, have somehow figured out. With the LG G3, however,  I’ve set it up so that my security feature is a custom series of knocks. You can’t unlock my phone unless you know the way to tap the screen. This has totally thrown B and J for a loop. I remember one time, when I couldn’t find my phone. Eventually, I found J with it, in a closet, sadly mashing the screen, to no avail. My fantasy baseball team super important personal information is safe from curious children.


 It Doesn’t Take Pictures On It’s Own,  Of Stuff That Might Be Useful Later

I had this conversation with J recently, driving home one night, discussing the happenings of that day:

Me: And then I had pizza for lunch.

J (laughs hysterically)

Me: Whats so funny?

J: You don’t have lunch at work!

Me: Yes I do. Everyday!

J (silence for a few seconds while she thinks)


J: Can you show me?

Me: Show you what?

J: Show me you eating pizza.

Me: Uh….

J: On your phone. Show me a picture of you eating pizza.

Me: I didn’t take a picture.

J: Why?

Me: I….don’t usually take pictures of me eating.

J ( while laughing hysterically): You’re tricking me! You don’t eat lunch at work!

And that was that. Without physical evidence, I could not prove my case.  If only I had a picture. Unfortunately, The LG G3 lacks the ability to randomly snap shots without your involvement. It should know what future arguments you are going to have, and act accordingly. Maybe the new  LG G4 has this feature.

No Magic? What’s Up Wit’ Dat?

One day, I asked J what she wanted for breakfast one morning, She said cereal. Perfect! Nice and easy. I then asked her what kind she wanted and listed off the options in the pantry.

Her choice?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Which I didn’t list, because we didn’t have it.

Her reaction to this? She dropped to the ground and cried uncontrollably. After a few minutes, she stopped sobbing and blubbered “Check it on your phone.” Needless to say, the fact that my  phone was not able to save the day and magically pull a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of the air was pretty disappointing. Step your game up, LG.

It Can’t Travel Back In Time

On another occasion while driving home with J, the conversation turned to my favorite stuffed animal when I was her age (three). After I told her a bit about Mr. Wrinkles The Stuffed Dog, she casually asked to see him on my phone. I casually said that wasn’t possible, and she causally got ticked off.  This is another drawback. The LG G3 can’t go back in the past to document every important event in your life. Sorry, McFly, reliving memories is not just a click away. I’m pretty sure Apple is working on an iPhone which is able to time travel, though.

Time travel? There's an app for that.

Time travel? There’s an app for that.



The LG G3 does a lot of stuff well. However, for a smartphone, it really isn’t that smart., I guess not.

I don’t know. I’m really not qualified to be reviewing phones. There are a million better places to turn to, for that kind of advice.

That’s all that I got. Before I go,  let’s try one more selfie!


How many times have you tried to do this? And this is your best shot?


Meh. Whatever.

It’s good enough.

Review – WWE Live!

Some high flying in-ring action

Some high flying in-ring action


As I’ve noted before on this site, my son is a big fan of World Wrestling Entertainment.  On May 2, the WWE Live tour came to Hamilton, and, courtesy of two tickets from the WWE, we were able to attend the event!

In the weeks leading up to the show, to say that B was excited was an understatement. This was his first time seeing it live, and he was pumped to see a bunch of Superstars in person.  Not going to lie, though. As a parent, I was a bit nervous. I had been to live shows in the past, and it wasn’t the most family friendly environment. Now granted, this was years ago, before the shift to the more PG rated product that B was familiar with. I did do some online research beforehand, as well, and the general opinion seemed to be positive, in terms of taking small children. So off B and I went!

The first thing that I noticed, when we got to our seats, was that there were a TON of families with little kids in attendance. Almost all of them had merchandise and/or signs, supporting their favorite Superstars.

Me being old school, I had decided to rock a Mr. Perfect shirt to the show:


No. No I am not perfect.

And B being new school, he decided to rock a bunch or random wrestling stuff, along with a shirt of his favorite wrestler, Kofi Kingston:


The second thing which I noticed was that letting B pick cotton candy as a treat probably wasn’t the best idea, as he devoured it within minutes.


Uh, can you say sugar rush?

The show started with Bad News Barrett’s entrance music filling the FirstOntario Centre. When he came strutting out, B hopped out of his seat and booed him, along with most of the other fans. Wrestling is all about good versus bad.  The babyfaces and the heels. B gravitates to the nice guys and girls. Through the whole night, I could tell that he had a blast cheering all of them on to victory. The atmosphere really was bananas, too. Thousands of people just losing their minds at the performers. It really wasn’t that hard to get caught up in the excitement!

My concern about the family friendliness also turned out to not be too big of a deal. In our section, someone did let a profanity slip once, but I heard him be quickly admonished for it (because there were kids around). From then on, “Kick his butt!” or “So and so sucks!” was the extent of the bad language.

Speaking of sucking, let’s go back to the aforementioned Kofi Kingston. B loves him, mainly because of the fact that he has always been a good guy. Recently, though, Kofi started a team with two other wrestlers called the New Day. They’re basically three happy-go-lucky guys who fans should cheer……but they don’t. So basically, Kofi’s character is a good guy who people boo. As a result,the New Day are slowly turning into bad guys.


New Day, in action.

As luck would have it, the New Day actually wrestled at the show! B instantly recognized the first chords of their entrance music, and started freaking out when they entered the arena. This made me freak out, too. We were the only freaks, unfortunately. They got booed lustily by everyone else, and pounded with ‘New Day sucks!’ chants, throughout their match. Our feeble attempts to start a ‘New Day rocks!’ chant fell on deaf ears. The highlight/lowlight was B hopping onto his chair, to yell “New Day does not suck! They rock!” (don’t worry, I did pull him down, and told him not use the word suck).  New Day lost the match, but still walked out with their tag team championship belts, which thrilled B. He got to see his fav wrestler in person, who left with his gold title, to our cheers. Sweet!


New Day’s opponents that night, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, celebrating like nobody’s business.

All in all, the show was about two and half hours, but it flew by. In terms of the Squirm Test (how I tell if my kids are feeling something, based on how much they squirm), it was a success. B was on the edge of his seat the whole time. The only time he started to get fidgety was during the last match, a wild brawl  between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper, which went all around the ring, and had them putting each through tables. B was getting pretty tired by that point, so I don’t blame him for getting restless.


One sleepy looking lil man, on our way out.

One final note – man, some of these wrestlers are huuuge. TV doesn’t do them justice. The fact that dudes that large can pull off the athletic stunts that they do is pretty incredible.

Thanks again, WWE, for the hookup. Sports entertainment at its finest. Great night at the fights!